What is Bumble SuperSwipe: How to use it

Bumble SuperSwipe is a paid feature that allows users to show extra interest in someone they are interested in matching with. When you SuperSwipe someone, it sends a notification to the other person that you are interested in them. This increases your chances of matching with them.

Superswipe is a feature on the Bumble dating app that allows users to express a stronger interest in a particular profile. It’s similar to swiping right on a profile to like it, but with Superswipe , you’re indicating that you’re really interested in connecting with that person.

In order to use Superswipe, users must have a premium subscription on Bumble , as this feature is one of the premium features. When you scroll through the profiles, you can see a yellow heart icon with a star in the middle, indicating that you can Superswipe on that profile. If you use the Superswipe feature on a profile and that person is also interested in you, a connection will be activated and you can start communicating in the app.

How is a Superswipe Bumble different from a normal Like?

On Bumble, there is the option to ” like ” a profile by swiping to the right. This is the standard and free method of connecting with other people. However, there is an additional option called « Superswipe » that differs from a normal « like ».

When you use Superswipe, you are indicating that person that you really care about. It’s a way to stand out from the competition and get their attention. The Superswipe shows more significant interest than a normal ” like “, which means that the profile is less likely to go unnoticed.

When using Superswipe, a badge is displayed over the username of the person who sent it. The badge reads ” I Superswiped You !”, immediately drawing the recipient’s attention. The person receiving the Superswipe is more likely to review the sender’s profile more closely and make a more informed decision.

Additionally, Bumble offers the Spotlight feature for those who want to stand out even more from the crowd . With Spotlight, the user’s profile is displayed at the top of the app’s suggestion list for 30 minutes . This increases the visibility of the profile and therefore the chances of connection.

In short, while the normal ” like ” is a simple way to indicate interest, the Superswipe and Spotlight are additional options for those who want to increase their visibility and gain more significant attention on Bumble.

How much does a SuperSwipe cost?

The cost of a SuperSwipe on Bumble varies depending on the user’s location. In general though, a SuperSwipe costs about a Bumble Coin , which is sold in packs ranging from US $2 to US$3 per coin.

For users who want to save money, Bumble offers the option to buy Bumble Coins in bulk, which can save up to 40% compared to buying Bumble Coins individually. In fact, up to 20 Bumble Coins can be acquired in a single transaction, which means that the user gets 20 SuperSwipes to spend on other users’ profiles.

It is important to note that SuperSwipes are not essential for the use of the platform and their purchase is optional. However, for those users who want to stand out from the crowd and make their profile more visible, SuperSwipes can be a valuable tool to get the attention of other users on Bumble.

How to use SuperSwipe on Bumble

  1. Open the Bumble app: Open the Bumble app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
  2. Find a profile you’re interested in: Swipe through profiles until you find someone you’re interested in. If you’re using Bumble’s standard swiping mode, swipe right on their profile to show that you’re interested.
  3. Tap the SuperSwipe icon: If you want to use a SuperSwipe on this person, tap the yellow heart with a star on it. This will let the other person know that you’re very interested in matching with them.
  4. Confirm your SuperSwipe: A screen will appear confirming that you want to use a SuperSwipe on this profile. Confirm that you want to use a SuperSwipe by tapping the “SuperSwipe” button. SuperSwipe will deduct one Bumble Coin from your account for each SuperSwipe you use.
  5. Wait for a match: If the other person is also interested in you, they will see that you SuperSwiped them and can then decide whether to match with you or not.

It’s important to note that SuperSwipe is a paid feature and requires Bumble Coins to use. Bumble Coins can be purchased in the app’s settings menu. SuperSwipe is also not guaranteed to result in a match, but it does increase your chances of getting one.

Undo a SuperSwipe

As for being able to undo a SuperSwipe on Bumble , there is currently no option to do so. This means that if you’ve accidentally SuperSwiped someone and they like you back, there’s no way to undo it. In this case, you can tell the person that it was a mistake or simply wait for the message timeout to expire.

It is important to note that it is easy to mistakenly SuperSwipe in the application, so it is advisable to pay attention and take precautions to avoid it . This way, you can avoid awkward situations or confusion between people who think you have a genuine interest in them.

In short, on Bumble it is not possible to undo a SuperSwipe once it has been sent, so it is important to pay attention when swiping to avoid mistakes. If you accidentally send a SuperSwipe , you can explain the mistake to the other person or just wait until the message expires.

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