CB01 Review: New address December 2023


Are you looking for the new working and updated CB01 address because the old address no longer works? By reading this article, you will discover how to access the CB01 site (also known as CineBlog01) using your smartphone, tablet or PC.

This article has been prepared for informational and illustrative purposes only. Illegally downloading and sharing audiovisual material protected by copyright from the Internet is a crime , it is not our intention to encourage piracy, therefore we decline any responsibility for the use of the information present here.

CB01 new updated address

In this paragraph, you will find the updated address to access CB01 and see all the content offered in streaming by the site.

To reach the CB01 website simply connect to the following address:


If by opening this address, you can access CB01 (formerly CineBlog01), it most likely means that you were using an old address that is no longer working.

CB01 does not work

If by clicking on the link in the previous paragraph, you receive a message such as “The site could not be reached”, it means that your provider has blocked your access.

Don’t worry, following the advice below, I will show you exactly what to do to access the CB01 site .

How to access CB01

CB01 is certainly among the best sites to watch films and TV series in streaming for free without registration. Through this site, you can stream recent and past films and all TV series for free in Italian.

In addition to movies and TV series, you can also stream anime and cartoons. On the site there are dedicated sub-categories, such as Cinema, Anime, Films with subtitles and others. You can use the search bar to search for the movie title or keyword and the search results will be shown that you can stream.

Warning :
Watching films and TV series (and other content) offered on this site does not require any registration . Messages requesting registration are exclusively advertising messages. This type of site is invaded by pop-up advertising that appears every time you click anywhere on the site; to resolve this, all you have to do is close these banners every time the problem arises and continue watching the film or episode of the series.


If you are unable to view the CB01 page, I advise you, as a first attempt, to change browser or delete the cache and cookies stored by the browser and try to access the site again.


If you still can’t open the CB01 site, you can try accessing it using a VPN . A VPN is the definitive solution that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and safely while safeguarding your privacy.

Change DNS

Although I recommend using a VPN, to access the CB01 page you can also try changing the settings on the DNS servers of the device from which you are connecting to the site.

Changing the DNS is often decisive, as to make a website unreachable, the latter is “blocked” on some DNS, mainly those of your Internet Provider that manages your line. Avoiding going into technicalities, changing the DNS will allow you to access the CB01 site again even from Italy.

Warning :
Always use the updated CB01 link that you find at the beginning of this same article, as very same, old and expired links are reused as web pages to simulate the original site and propose advertising or worse still a fake site. Old links not to be used include: cb01.movie, b01.rocks, cb01.eu, cb01.tv.

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