How Badoo works: the famous dating and chat site

Meeting people online has become increasingly common and in fact a large part of our lives now takes place online. It seems natural that even the first approaches can also take place through this means…

In this regard, we have published an article on the best dating apps in which Badoo also appears.

In this article, given its success in Italy, we will delve into Badoo in all its aspects. Badoo is a social network dedicated to meeting and meeting new people.

Brief history of Badoo

Badoo was born in the technologically distant year of 2006 , at the dawn of social networks, and reached the peak of fame in 2011, at that time it was a mass phenomenon here too. Users were particularly attracted by the possibility of uploading their own photos and having them voted for by others.

Gradually the focus of the app and the page has shifted from that of a simple social network to that of a solution for online dating . In 2017 Badoo changed its logo, graphics and app, embracing the motto “Bigger than Dating” (not literally translated as more than one dating app).

In reality, despite the motto, the redesign transformed Badoo into a dating app in line with competing solutions such as Tinder , from which it also borrowed some mechanics.

The online dating app is now part of the MagicLab group, which also owns Bumble, another well-known dating app. MagicLab’s current CEO is Whitney Wolfe Herd , co-founder of Tinder and creator of the Bumble service.

How does Badoo work?

Badoo works like many other social networks dedicated to dating , after registering you will have to create a profile. In general, the more complete your profile, the easier it will be to find another compatible one who shares your interests and with whom you can chat and perhaps even meet up in the flesh.

The service can be used in the same way via the website or via the free app available for Android and iOS.

Badoo allows you to access the basic options for free : you have the opportunity to be seen, to search and find other interesting people, to like their profiles and to receive likes and send messages.

But there are also some limitations; if we want to put a greater number of likes, or increase the visibility of our profile, we must pay at least the package for the Premium version. The options offered by Badoo Premium start from a minimum of €4.99 per month .

How to install and register on Badoo?

Downloading Badoo apps is simple, whether you have Android or an iPhone or iPad, in the first case just go to the Play Store on the page dedicated to the app and press the ” Install ” button . In the second case the product page is located on the App Store , and simply click on the appropriate button.

I want to remind you that you can also use the Badoo website to sign up and use the service, even on mobile.

After downloading the app or reaching the site , the first thing you have to do is register, which can be speeded up by using a Facebook account. Even via email address, registration is simple and does not present any particular challenges; it’s just a little long and there are several questions that the service also uses to help you find compatible Badoo members (date of birth, interests, etc.).

Attention!  the social network is fighting fake profiles and to sign up and start chatting on Badoo and meet new people, you will need to insert at least one photo of yourself with your face. In fact, Badoo allows you to have the person’s profile “verified”. A complete and verified profile is used to unlock some functions such as chat and, to have it for free, just press the appropriate button and proceed with the verification which will be carried out by taking a selfie.

How do you use Badoo?

When you first log in you will be shown the “Meetings” page which is very reminiscent of Tinder .

For each profile, you can choose whether to put a heart or an If the other person has also put a heart on your profile, you have an affinity.

Unlike Tinder, in Badoo you can potentially chat with anyone, even those who haven’t liked you. There is only one limitation: if the interested party does not respond, a maximum of two messages can be sent (it is an anti-spam policy).

Other important sections of the app that you will learn about are:

Nearby – this is the classic radar section, which shows profiles based on the distance from your location. Obviously those who live closer are more likely to be willing to see each other in person.

Like – it’s the section where you can see who has liked you, in reality it is only useful if you pay for the premium because otherwise the profiles appear blurry.

Messages – this is the section where the messages we have exchanged are found and is useful for continuing ongoing conversations.

Profile – finally it is the section where you can take care of organizing our information, the profile photo, our other photos and saying something more about us.

The section dedicated to Badoo chat is one of the most complete and allows you to chat textually, send voice messages and even make video calls.

Can Badoo also be used without a Premium subscription?

The answer is yes , unlike other dating apps, Badoo allows you to use a good number of features for free.

You can like for free , search for people, always see affinities for free, message with contacts and receive notifications of all events.

The premium subscription is mainly used to increase your visibility and eliminate limitations, such as the number of ratings in the ” Encounters ” section, or the possibility of seeing who has liked you .

There is also a Premium Plus version that offers additional benefits.

The truth is that the experience with Badoo changes radically depending on where you are ; if you live in a big city, it will be easy to find many people to chat with and perhaps meet up, on the other hand, if you are in a small town, it will be decidedly more complicated to find interesting contacts. Indeed, precisely in the least populated places one will be led to think that this social network is populated only by fakes.

For this reason the comments on Badoo differ greatly; there are those who appreciate it very much and use it frequently and those who consider it a great waste of time, as it is easy to spend a lot of time viewing people’s fake profiles on Badoo.

How to delete your profile from Badoo?

Deleting a profile on this dating social network is really simple, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the ” Profile” section;
  2. Press on the ” Account” item, then tap on ” Delete account ” at the bottom;
  3. At this point several options will appear: you can ” Hide your account” (you will disappear from the social network but you can return to using it whenever you want), or ” Delete all messages and visits forever ” (in short all your data from the social network);
  4. Once you have chosen the option you prefer, press ” Continue” to complete deleting your profile from Badoo

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