How to increase Instagram followers

Instagram is the most popular and widespread photo and video social network. How to increase followers for Instagram has become a very important strategy for popular brands and to give greater visibility to their photos.

It can be discouraging (especially at first), having few followers that are limited to our few friends. In this article we offer you a series of tips to understand how to increase followers on Instagram and increase likes on photos and videos.

1. Use popular HashTags

Our number 1 tip. HashTags are the main way your photos on Instagram are indexed and searched within the social network. For some time now we have collected the best HashTags for Instagram divided by the category the photo belongs to. Read The Best HashTags for Instagram and use the ones in the list.

2. Like other people’s photos

A strategy that bears immediate fruit: look for photos and put many Likes (even hundreds) on a daily basis, choosing the photos you like most of people not present among your followers (unknown) or who in some way have affinities with the kind of photographs you usually publish. Instagram is a social network and as such interaction with other people is fundamental.

You will certainly be reciprocated by many likes on your photos already published but above all a percentage of people who like the content of your account will become followers.

It is practically useless to interact on accounts with millions of followers (at least for the purposes of having more followers on Instagram, of course). They will never reciprocate a Like and will not visit your “humble” profile.

3. Promote your Instagram account on other social networks

It is likely that in the other social networks to which you are registered, you are also present with a Facebook or Google+ page. This advice is especially valid if you want to promote a brand (but not only). Promote and spread your Instagram profile address on other social networks. You can simply use the URL

4. Comment on the other photos

Similar to tip number 2. Interact, comment and reply on the photographs. The comment system is a very powerful mechanism that induces people to visit your profile (and makes them potential followers).

There are absolutely many more Likes than comments on the photos; for this reason you will be able to stand out and leave a visible trace on other people’s profiles through comments.

Also in this case, for the reasons explained in point number 2, it is useless to comment for the purpose of increasing followers on Instagram, profiles with millions of followers.

5. Connect Instagram to your Facebook account

Very important, especially at the beginning, is the possibility of connecting your Instagram account to the account we have on Facebook.

The procedure is very simple. Go to Options, Linked Accounts

All your friends who use Instagram will receive a notification informing them of your presence on the social network. At this point it is highly likely that they will start following you. In turn, follow all the friends you have on Facebook. It’s a good basis for increasing followers on Instagram and having a large list of people at the beginning.

Also connect the accounts of the other social networks you use.

6. Choose the time to publish the photos

This is not an exact science; the only thing that can be said is that people use social networks (therefore also Instagram) in the moments of free time that they find available. If you don’t need immediate publication of your photographs, wait until the hour immediately after the lunch break (so 2 ​​or 3 pm) and use Saturday and Sunday to publish new content.

7. Complete the profile with detailed descriptions

If the intent is to  promote a brand , this advice represents the basis for understanding how to increase Instagram followers.

Write as much information as possible and complete the profile with key information, links to your website and relevant keywords.

It is important because it represents part of your image. Don’t overload with information and avoid spam; no one wants to follow someone who presents themselves as a spammer.

If you can, also use an English description; your target can be the whole world, not just Italians.

8. Describe your photo

Describing the photo is important. The “photographic” message can be enriched and acquire value and meaning with a small and incisive description. Even better if you can describe the photo in English. Above all, if you follow the most important advice, which is to use popular HashTags in English, you should always describe the photographs using the English language.

It is useful to insert aphorisms or phrases  described and specific to the theme of your photo or the story you have uploaded. To help you, you can find the best phrases for Instagram online to use on any occasion.

9. Create a style

This is not simple; if you want to make an impression with your profile and are quite expert in the field of digital photography, create a style that distinguishes you. Your profile will immediately become more interesting to strangers. Don’t just post food photos all the time (unless you’re a food blog ).

10. Constance

It is not important how many photos you publish daily but it is important to be constant in the actions you take every day (to see your followers on Instagram increase exponentially). Interact with Likes and Comments as suggested in points 2 and 4 of this article. Consistency is always rewarded by your Instagram followers who will always see an active public profile on the social network.

11. Follow suggested accounts

One function that is a little underestimated is that relating to the accounts that the platform itself decides to offer you to follow.

When you follow a new person, Instagram offers you other people who are related to the profile you just added. There’s no such thing as following new profiles if Instagram itself offers them to you.

You can always take advantage of the option to follow contacts in your address book: go to settings and then choose the ” Follow People ” section present with a Facebook Friends and Contacts menu.

Many of these accounts will follow back.

12. Geotag photos

Photos that also contain a geographical position inside are increasingly popular. Extremely important if you run a business and want to promote your place or your business activity. It is also important if they are well-known places or places that are very photographed and therefore sought after on Instagram.

13. Don’t always use filters

According to recent statistics, the photos that receive the most Likes are those on which the basic Instagram filters are not applied. If you really like a filter, at least try alternating photos with filters with normal photos without any digital alteration.

More tips for Instagram followers

Finally, remember that it is your photos and the content of your account that bring about an increase in followers more than anything else. Try to have fun and experiment at the same time and you will see that your followers will increase. Use Instagram apps  if you want to try some other tricks to increase profile visibility.

If you have any other advice or if you have tried any other strategy that has proven successful for increasing followers on Instagram, don’t hesitate to comment! We will gladly republish your advice.

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