How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

So, you’re scrolling through Instagram, and suddenly you realize you haven’t seen posts from that one friend in a while. You start thinking did he or she block me? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your curiosity. Here’s how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

  1. Search for Their Username

The first thing to do is search for their username. Just head over to the search bar and type in their name. If their profile doesn’t show up, it’s a sign. But, hold on—this alone doesn’t confirm they blocked you. They might’ve just changed their username or deactivated their account.

  1. Check Your Following List

Go to your profile and tap on “Following.” Search for their name in the list. If they don’t appear but you know you were following them, they might have blocked you.

  1. Visit Their Profile

If you can find their profile through a mutual friend’s account or elsewhere, try to visit it. If you’re blocked, you’ll likely see a message saying “No Posts Yet,” even if you know they have plenty of posts. Their follower count and other details might also be hidden.

  1. Send a Direct Message

If you’ve had conversations with them on Instagram, check your DMs. If their username is now showing as “Instagrammer” and their profile picture is gone, it could be a sign they’ve blocked you.

  1. Try to Follow Them Again

If you can access their profile through another means, try hitting the follow button. If it immediately unfollows or you can’t follow them at all, you might be blocked.

  1. Check with a Friend

Ask a friend to look up their profile. If your friend can see it and you can’t, it’s pretty clear—they’ve likely blocked you.

  1. Use a Different Account

If you have another Instagram account or can create one, search for their profile using this new account. If it shows up normally, it’s another indication that your main account is blocked.

Final Thoughts

It can be a bit disheartening to realize someone has blocked you on Instagram but try not to take it too personally. People have various reasons for blocking others, and it might not even be about you. Maybe they’re just trying to declutter their social media space, or there’s been a misunderstanding.

If you do find out you’ve been blocked, the best approach is usually to respect their decision and move on. There’s plenty of other great content on Instagram to enjoy, and many other ways to stay connected with friends and family.

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