How to use ChatGPT on iOS and Android

Since the launch of ChatGPT 3 by OpenAI the world has changed, the revolution of generative artificial intelligence had already been underway for years, but from that moment the general public had an idea of ​​the potential of AI. Today the revolution has become more mature and ChatGPT is easily accessible from your Android or iOS device , in this article we will see all the most practical ways to do it.

If you have searched for this in-depth analysis, you surely already know that ChatGPT can be used to carry out a wide range of tasks, such as: answering questions, writing texts, providing information, inventing stories, carrying out translations, carrying out conversations or simply having a virtual “chat”.

Install and use ChatGPT on iPhone and Android

To use ChatGPT on iOS and Android devices, OpenAI has developed a convenient official app that offers an intuitive and hassle-free experience. To install the app, just search for “ChatGPT” on your device’s store and press the install button.

To get the official ChatGPT app:

Once the app is installed, simply open it and follow the registration procedure to create an account. After logging in, users will be able to start using ChatGPT immediately by entering their questions or conversation requests.

The official ChatGPT app allows you to access the 3.5 Turbo version of generative AI if you use the free version , and the more advanced version 4 with plugins if you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Use ChatGPT via the website

If you prefer to avoid downloading another app on mobile you can use ChatGPT via the official OpenAI website . By accessing the website, you will be able to use an interface similar to that of the app, allowing you to interact with ChatGPT fully . Obviously, even from the website you will have the same limitations as the app, so you will only be able to use version 3.5 of the generative AI for free .

To use the platform, simply visit the OpenAI website and log in or register to create an account. Once logged in, you can start using ChatGPT by simply typing your questions or conversation requests.

Use ChatGPT 4 via the Bing app

OpenAI has introduced the new version of its generative AI ChatGPT 4 , which offers an even more advanced conversational experience . The new version is available to ChatGPT Plus users, but it is a paid subscription.

If you want to use ChatGPT 4 but don’t want to subscribe to Plus, a solution is to use the Bing app . Microsoft, in fact, has integrated the latest version of ChatGPT into its search engine and it can be used for free.

All you need to do is download the Bing app from the Play Store or App Store . Then launch the app and press the “ B chat ” button at the bottom center, and then select “ ChatGPT 4 “, and then you can ask it to create stories, articles, summaries and much more. Again there is no plugin support, but at least the generative AI can use updated data.

Other apps to use ChatGPT for free

In addition to the official OpenAI app, there are also other applications that allow you to use ChatGPT for free. Some of these apps are developed by third parties and offer similar functionality as the official app.


The best one we have used is Poe which is free and allows you to use not only ChatGPT 3.5 without any limits but also to experiment with other interesting generative AI such as: Google Palm, Sage and Claude Instant and recently also StableDiffusion.

The Poe app is available for free on the Play Store and App Store .

Once installed, using the Poe app is simple: just launch it, log in or register (you can use either your Google or AppleID account), select ChatGPT and enter your prompt.


Another free and interesting app for using ChatGPT on iOS and Android is Perplexity .

You can download Perplexity directly from the App Store or Play Store .

Unlike Poe, which focuses on creative and literary writing, Perplexity offers the ability to generate texts on any topic, with different levels of detail, length and tone. Furthermore, Perplexity differs from the official chatGPT app because it allows you to interact with the AI ​​in chat mode or free text mode , without limits on characters or conversation turns. Perplexity is an innovative and versatile application that can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes.

There are other apps , such as: ChatGPT AI Chat, ChatGPT AI Smith, ChatGPT Genie, ChatGPT ChatOn and many others, they use the ChatGPT bees and rarely add functions compared to the official app, often working worse and also requiring in-app purchases and it is therefore quite clear that we do not recommend its use .

How to Avoid Scam Solutions for ChatGPT

To avoid scams or data theft , it is essential to pay attention to websites, apps or service providers that promise to provide access to ChatGPT for free or at discounted prices. OpenAI offers clear documentation on its official platforms and does not require payments except for the Plus version of ChatGPT (but it is easily recognizable).

Always remember that it is best to install only official applications and to verify the authenticity of services offered by third parties to protect your sensitive data. Security and privacy protection are paramount when using advanced technologies like ChatGPT.

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