How to Use Multiple Accounts on TikTok

TikTok has quickly become one of the most used and loved social networks in the world, especially by the youngest. The platform allows you to create and share short videos in a simple and fun way, giving space to creativity and entertainment. If you want to know everything about how this interesting social network works, you can’t miss our guide to TikTok.

Having multiple TikTok accounts can be very useful for several reasons. For example, you can manage personal and professional profiles separately, try new content or carry out tests without interfering with your main profile and the circle of followers built over time, increasing the chances of becoming a successful content creator. If instead you simply want to access some content without registering, you can consult the guide to access TikTok content without an account.

Furthermore, having multiple accounts allows you to better segment your interests, get more visibility in the “ For You ” section for content in line with your tastes, and talk about different topics with different communities. In short, there can be many reasons why it is worth having a second TikTok profile, so let’s see the simple steps to get it.

Having Multiple TikTok Accounts on Android and iOS

To have multiple accounts on TikTok from your smartphone, simply download the official app of the social network and use the “Add account” option, available in your personal profile settings. Specifically, you need to click on the icon with the little man at the bottom right, then on your username and select the “ Add account ” item.

From here you can access an existing secondary account, by entering the login credentials associated with the profile, or create a completely new one with a phone number or email different from those used for the main account. Remember that a phone number or email can only be associated with one TikTok profile.

After logging in or registering for the second account, the two profiles will automatically be linked in the TikTok app. You can then easily switch between them with a simple tap. TikTok in the mobile version for iOS and Android allows you to save up to 3 different accounts and use them without having to constantly log in and out.

It is very convenient to be able to manage multiple profiles directly from your smartphone, to distinguish between private and professional life, test new content or apply tricks and tips to get more views and followers.

How to have two or more accounts on TikTok on PC

The web version of TikTok, accessible from any desktop or laptop browser, unfortunately, does not allow you to use multiple accounts at the same time , unlike the mobile app.

The only way to use two or more different desktop profiles is to log out of the site completely by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and selecting the “Log Out” option, and then log in with your other account.

If you don’t already have a second TikTok profile, you need to create a new one through the official website, using a phone number or email address different from those used for the main account. Even from a computer, it is essential to associate different contacts with the various accounts.

So you can’t have multiple TikTok accounts active at the same time: you have to log out of one profile first and then log in to the other. Of course, this limitation makes it less easy to manage multiple accounts than with the smartphone app, but having different profiles is still useful for the reasons we’ve listed.

How to Use Multiple Accounts on TikTok

Switching between accounts on TikTok from your smartphone is very simple and immediate: just click on the icon with the little man in the bottom right, then on your username and select the desired one from the “ Change Account” drop-down menu, where all the connected profiles will be listed.

The app will automatically log you into the chosen profile, without requiring you to enter your login credentials each time. This is a very convenient and fast way to jump from one account to another, useful for navigating between personal, work, secondary profiles, etc.

From a PC, however, after logging out as explained above, you need to log in again by entering the associated credentials to use the second TikTok profile. This procedure is less quick but still allows you to take advantage of the benefits of having multiple accounts.

Managing multiple profiles, both on mobile and desktop, helps you get the most out of this popular social platform, skillfully navigating between personal and professional interests, old and new content, experiments, and different circles of followers.

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