OpenAI’s services are not available – how to bypass and register in ChatGPT

With the message “OpenAI’s services are not available in your country” (that is, OpenAI services are not available in your country), ChatGPT, as it were, “hints” that it is blocked in our country in a special way.

Actually, the API of the service is blocked not only in our country, but also in China, North Korea , Iran, half of the African countries, Venezuela and even Paraguay (we think the principle is clear).

At the same time, as the administration of the chat writes, for them, “geographic diversity and distributed advantages are still important.” So, OpenAI services function properly in many countries and regions, including almost neighboring ones.

Consequently, the indicated problem with access can be bypassed, moreover, in a way that is quite standard for such cases. That is, through a suitable VPN , mail and phone.



So, in order:


As of today, a free VPN service (mobile application) is enough for a successful connection to ChatGPT.

But there are some conditions. You need to connect to OpenAI (go to the chat site) from the region where these services are, firstly , completely supported. And secondly , so that this region / country (and the local VPN server) are as close as possible.

Ideally, of course, connect to VPN servers in the States, Britain or Canada (US, UK and CA, respectively), but you can (should) try to connect through European VPNs.

In general, we first connect to the VPN, and only then we go (restart) to the ChatGPT site – [LINK] . If we see “ OpenAI s services are not available… ” again , we go from another region (or through another VPN).


On the service website, click the “ Sign up ” button and enter your mail. If the address of the existing email box is accepted, then OK – come up with a password and move on.

Otherwise, i.e., when the mail is not suitable, go to , copy the address of your temporary mail from there (it is generated automatically and for free) and enter it. We do not close the site – the confirmation code will arrive there, in a temporary box.

On the ChatGPT website, click ” Continue “, create a password, and click “Continue” again. After that, once again we go to temp-mail, in a temporary box we find a letter from ChatGPT and confirm the mail.

Next, enter the name, click ” Continue ” and …


Of course, it’s also temporary, since there is no point in indicating numbers with country codes where ChatGPT is officially blocked at the registration stage – it won’t work.

That’s why:

  • go to – a free online temporary number service ( , , will also work – they are also free, or , but this one is paid);
  • copy the number with the country code, with the IP (VPN) of which we are currently registering, paste it on the ChatGPT registration page and request a confirmation code;
  • we catch SMS with a code on the site of a temporary number – if it didn’t work the first time, we try another phone number (and / or another service), the most important thing is to receive an SMS with a code and confirm the number;
  • enter the code and complete the registration procedure on the ChatGPT website.

It’s roughly in this vein. As practice shows, if the VPN is chosen correctly, then the rest is a matter of technology. The maximum is to tinker a little with the phone and SMS.


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