PS4 Error Code SU-30746-0 – How to fix

SU-30746-0 is an error code that can occur on a Sony PlayStation console, such as the PS4 and PS5. It usually indicates an issue with the console’s system software update process.

Some of the possible causes of the SU-30746-0 error code include:

  1. System Software Update Files Corruption: If the system software update files are corrupted, it can cause the SU-30746-0 error code.
  2. Network Connectivity Issues: If the console is unable to establish a stable network connection, it can cause the SU-30746-0 error code.
  3. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Issues: If there are issues with the console’s HDD, such as a bad sector, it can cause the SU-30746-0 error code.

How to fix PS4 Error Code SU-30746-0

To resolve the SU-30746-0 error code, you can try several troubleshooting steps, such as:

  1. Check Network Connection: Check the network connection on the console by navigating to the network settings menu and ensuring that the connection is established and working properly.
  2. Restart Console and Network Devices: Try restarting both the console and the router or modem that it is connected to.
  3. Re-download System Software Update: Try re-downloading the system software update files from the official PlayStation website onto a USB drive, and then installing the update manually.
  4. Initialize Console: As a last resort, you can try initializing the console, which will erase all data and settings on the console, and restore it to its factory default state.

If none of these steps work, you may need to contact Sony technical support for further assistance.


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