TikTok Bots: What Are They For?

TikTok is a new emerging social network, dynamic and expanding especially among young people and the very young. We have dedicated a popular article to the ways to be successful on TikTok.
Those who manage a social account know well how stressful it can be to have to deal with it, being able to automate some aspects (especially the most repetitive ones) can be a great help.
For this reason bots were born, first for Facebook, then they also became common on Instagram with the increase in its diffusion, and finally bots for TikTok also began to spread . In this article we will therefore go into more detail on the best bots available for TikTok.

How does TikTok bots work and what is it used for?

Bot is short for robot, which is also how automatons are called. Automatons usually continue the task assigned to them on their own. On TikTok, a bot can do various actions for you:

  • Follow new users;
  • stop following (Unfollow) some users;
  • comment on other users’ posts for you;
  • like other TikTokers’ posts;
  • view other musers’ content.

These may seem like trivial operations, but they are not. If you interact with more users, they will be intrigued and will visit your profile and see your content, then decide to follow you.

So a bot on TikTok is mainly used to generate traffic and to attract attention automatically. This in short will allow you to:

  • increase views;
  • increase real followers;
  • have more interactions.

Warning : all this will only happen if you take care to publish captivating content that can capture attention, increase interactions and convince your viewers to follow you (regarding how to create interesting content I recommend you consult our guide ).

What are the risks of using a bot on TikTok?

At the moment TikTok has not taken action against those who use bots . The use of these tools, unlike what happens on more established social networks such as Instagram, has not yet been banned. Therefore, anyone is currently free to use them without the risk of seeing their profile banned on TiKtoK.

But there is still a risk, a bot automates your participation in the social network. So, if you do not apply some precautions (which we will see later), in the long run it could make your users lose interest with the result that many will stop following you.

We strongly recommend using the bot intelligently by following some recommendations:

  • create new quality content frequently;
  • make sure that the bot’s activity is always less than yours;
  • limit the bot’s activity to certain times (typically avoid off-peak hours);
  • take care to always engage your audience.

Warning : avoid apps that promise free TikTok followers, there are many on the Play Store. They should be bots, but they do not work, and they ask you to enter your login credentials (username and password) and therefore they could steal your account . Similarly, it is recommended to avoid using unreferenced bots, if you do not want to risk the security of your TikTok account.

What are the best bots for Tik Tok?

Let’s see below which is the best TikTok bot to use based on your needs.


This has long been one of the most famous bots for Instagram, now it also supports TikTok . It is a truly complete solution, although it will take a little practice to use it at its best (fortunately it offers many well-made guides in Italian).
The interface is clear and readable, although as we said it is not very simple.
However, Ninchi is very powerful and allows: to automatically follow other profiles, like and also insert comments. The support for filters is also very interesting, which allows you to optimize the bot’s actions towards the audience on which we have the greatest chance of making an impression.
This bot is paid and offers a 3-day free trial, if you are interested you can find out more on its official website .


If you have tried Ninchi and were confused, then you will appreciate this solution. This is the simplest bot for Instagram and TikTok that we have ever had to deal with.
After the first start, just enter 5 profiles to use as a reference, the bot will analyze their characteristics and start following these profiles to attract their traffic. The interface, as we said, is very simple and in Italian. Unfortunately, in the name of simplicity, it completely sacrifices customization and does not support auto messages. However, it should be noted that thanks to the included 4G proxy, it deceives TikTok at its best and never crashes. If you want to try Vicky you can go to its official website , the service offers a 5-day free trial.


This is one of the international bots that has made history for Instagram and now also supports TikTok .
The interface of this bot and its capabilities are similar to those of Ninchi, but unfortunately it is in English.
It can effectively automate following, unfollowing, likes and comments.
Interesting is the possibility through the bot to be able to precisely choose your target. As it was for Instagram, it is likely that in the future the service will add more functions.
If you want to try Instazood, you can learn more on its page , the service offers 3 free days.


If you need to manage social accounts for work, then Jarvee is the solution for you. This bot supports various social networks ( Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , TikTok, YouTube and even LinkedIn) and is perfect for use by a social manager .
Naturally, since it is a professional tool for social managers, it is the most complex of the solutions presented so far.
Unlike the other bots presented, Jarvee is not a web service, but rather a program to be installed on a computer, which will therefore need to be kept turned on during its execution. It can also be installed on your own server, but obviously this is an even more complex procedure and suitable for more experts. Like the other solutions proposed, Jarvee also offers a free trial period, you can find out more by consulting its official website .

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